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Solid Link Profile

Maximum 20 OBL

Referring Domains 40+

Aged Auction Domains

Clean History

Pre-Tested on 3rd Party Sites

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What Our Customers Have To Say

I have been using Domains Highway permanent blog posts for over a year, every time I order them I get an increase in rankings. I have used many other services before but this is by far the best permanent blog post service on the market. I recommend them for any niche or campaign.

Martin Niedenfuhr

I don’t give too many praises for link providers because most providers as we all know are blowing smoke up your ass with their wannabe links, but Domains Highway provides great links and they actually work and give big ranking increases. A 20 link package was able to get my client from third page to bottom of the first page within a month.

David Longacre

I've used Domains Highway for the best part of a few months now, and for the cost.. These links are amazing - Perfect for building up a local or tier 2 link profile at an extremely affordable cost.

Charles Floate

I always get a large part of my backlinks from Domains Highway. They are pretty affordable and powerful. They are an excellent addition to any campaign no matter how hard the keyword or niche. 100% recommended!

Lee Dobson

Frequently Asked Questions

For how much time do the posts remain on homepage?

Posts remain on homepage for at least 20-30 days and then are rolled off to inner pages.

Do you provide reports?

We do not provide link reports to keep the network and your sites safe. However, we do share a screenshot report so that you can rest assured that you links were actually posted.

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time is at least 10 business days.

What niches do you allow?

All except adult, pharma, gambling, payday, ecigs and anything that gets heavily spammed.

Our Guarantee

We know that a buyer has doubts and concerns when buying links from a network that doesn’t provide any report for the links.

As a result of which you’re not able to verify the quality of the links that you are getting. However, not every service is a scam and we have a reputation on a number of IM communities that verify our quality.

  • We do not remove links unnecessarily unless we find out that your website has been hacked, deindexed or is no longer live
  • We keep a check on all the domains in our network weekly to see if our network has got hit
  • In case our network gets hit which has a very low chance. We will remove all post and content right away
  • We will remove links without any further cost if your website gets hit by unnatural linking penalty
  • 24/7 Customer Support

After this, if you’re still insistent on getting a report of the live links before ordering from us, we suggest you buy from someone else who does that. And we can guarantee that in a few months, you are going to see majority of them get deindexed. That is either because one of the competitor reports the links, or it has been shared too publicly.