Powerful Niche Edits to Boost Your Rankings

What Are Niche Edits?

Niche edits are high-quality backlinks manually inserted into existing content on authority websites related to your niche

Niche edit links act as powerful endorsements to Google, significantly boosting your site’s rankings.

Niche Edit Packs Pricing By DR

Niche Edit Packs Pricing By RD

Low Authority Niche Edit Packs

Why Choose Our Niche Edits?

Links placed on real, high-traffic websites (no PBNs)

Niche-relevant content ensured for maximum topical authority


Limited, carefully-vetted outbound links for maximum link juice

Trusted, aged domains get your links indexed fast

See ranking improvements in as little as 2-4 weeks

Safe, white-hat tactics aligned with Google’s guidelines

100% Risk-Free

All our niche edits come with a 90-day replacement guarantee. If any links are lost for any reason, we’ll promptly replace them at no extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a sample report?

Yes, just send us a message and we’ll send it to you.

What types of websites are the links placed on?

Our niche edit links are placed on real, high-authority websites that are highly relevant to your niche. We never use private blog networks (PBNs) or low-quality sites.

All our niche edit links are on trusted, trafficked websites that Google values.

Can you build links for any niche?

Yes, our team has experience building niche edits across all major industries and niches. Simply provide your target keywords/niche when ordering.

Do you recommend niche edits for my website?

Niche edits can be an excellent investment for any website looking to increase its search visibility and rankings. Similar to guest posts, these contextual, relevant backlinks pass significant authority and topical relevance signals that Google values highly.

However, we have strict vetting policies in place. If we determine that a website is engaged in spammy, unethical, or malicious activities, we reserve the right to cancel the order and issue a full refund.

Our niche edits service is recommended for any site seeking to build a stronger authority profile through safe, white-hat link building strategies. But we ensure all our clients meet quality standards before proceeding.

Can I specify the TLD for my niche edit links?

At this time, we do not offer the ability to select or specify the TLD for your niche edit placements. The vast majority of the high-authority websites we partner with for link building use .com domains.

Our focus is on qualifying domains based on stringent quality criteria like traffic stats, topical relevance, indexing status, and overall authority metrics. While we may expand our inventory to include more TLD options in the future, currently most of the premium link opportunities in our network exist on .com sites.

However, you can be assured that all niche edit placements, regardless of TLD, will be on legitimate, trusted websites that follow Google’s webmaster guidelines. We never risk our clients’ visibility by building liens on low-quality domains or link networks.


What is your refund policy for niche edits?

Once work has commenced on your niche edits order, all sales become final and non-refundable. This allows us to fully commit our link building team’s resources and efforts to your campaign.

However, we understand that circumstances can change. If you need to modify or cancel your order before work has started, please notify us as soon as possible. We’ll be happy to make any amendments or issue a full refund, as long as the request comes before our team begins actively building your links.

We have this policy in place to protect the investments of time and labor we make into each client’s customized link building campaign. But we’re always willing to work with you on adjustments or cancellations when caught early enough in the process.

How long does it take to get results?

Most clients start seeing ranking improvements within 2-4 weeks after the links are live. The aged, indexed domains we use allow the links to get picked up quickly by Google.

How long does it take?

We understand the importance of rapid results. That’s why our skilled link building team works diligently to complete all niche edits orders within a maximum of 4 weeks.

Many of our clients even see their premium links go live in under 3 weeks. With our fast turnaround times, you can get a powerful boost to your rankings in a matter of weeks, not months.

Do you do bulk orders?

Please message us if you have a large order or recurring orders and would like more information.

Can I see the list of URLs to order from?

For the protection of our clients’ privacy and the website owners we partner with, we do not disclose the specific URLs publicly.

However, when your niche edits order is complete, you’ll receive a comprehensive white label report detailing all the URLs and websites where your links were placed.

Can you drip feed the niche edit placements?

While we don’t offer a dedicated drip feed service, our niche edit links naturally get indexed by Google over a staggered period of time. This is because the links are placed on different websites and pages during the link building process, rather than all at once.

As a result, the links get picked up and indexed by Google’s crawlers at random intervals after placement. This creates a organic, drip-feed effect without the need for any artificial delays on our end.

You can rest assured that your niche edits will be viewed as a natural, gradual acquisition of new backlinks by Google. This helps avoid any potential red flags while still providing you with a consistent influx of new link equity and ranking power over time.

How many outbound links are in the articles?

We carefully vet all domains to ensure the linking articles have a limited number of outbound links (typically under 30). This maximizes the link equity passed to your site.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Absolutely. We provide a 90-day replacement guarantee with all our niche edit packages. If any links are lost for any reason within 90 days, we’ll promptly replace them at no additional cost.

Are your niche edit placements truly relevant to my niche?

We strive to achieve maximum topical relevance with all our niche edit link placements. Our goal is to have your backlinks inserted into articles that are highly specific and pertinent to your targeted niche.

However, depending on your particular industry, we may need to take a slightly broader approach in some cases. While the article content itself will be directly related to your niche, the website may cover a wider range of topics within that overarching category.

For example, if your niche is “kichen renovation for apartment”, we may build niche edits on sites covering general home/lifestyle content where kitchen renovation could contextually fit. Our editorial team excels at identifying these contextual opportunities across different levels of tangential relevance.

No matter what, you can be assured that your links will make topical sense and provide a strong relevance boost, even if the specific niche isn’t an exact 1:1 match in every case. We always prioritize optimal relevance to maximize the SEO value for your unique business.

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